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About Sin Weng Fai

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The Story Of Our Success

The Ipoh Sin Weng Fai company is located in the heart of Ipoh, Jalan Yau Tet Shin. Our once humble wholesale business in Pasir Pinji, is now one of the most acclaimed leading producer and supplier of tasty nostalgic treats and pastries. Our best sellers include our signature Peanut Candy, Kaya Puffs and our signature Wedding Cakes.

The founder of our company Mr Ng Lian Pin has amassed more than 50 years of baking and pastry making under his belt. His vision for the company was to create products that retained their nostalgic, authentic taste. With that vision in mind, the Ipoh Sin Weng Fai company makes confectionaries using the same recipes and ingredients that was has been passed down for generations. Every single pastry that is produced goes through the exact same handmade process to preserve its taste, texture and authenticity.

In 2016, Mr Ng Lian Pin established Sin Weng Fai Peanut Candy Shop. Ever since, the response by tourists and locals alike has been overwhelming. The high demand for our bestsellers the Peanut Candy and the Kaya Puffs ensured every single batch sells out almost instantly. According to Mr Ng Lian Pin his signature Peanut Candy recipe ensures that the nuttyness of the candy is not overpowering but mild and savory enough to be distinguished on the palate. Our Kaya Puffs on the other hand are rich in flavour, creamy in texture and coated with a crispy delicate enclosure. None of our products are ever greasy or oily. Both these items are must try products if you ever visit our store.

All of the delectable savoury treats produced by our company share the same nostalgic taste and pristine quality. In order to keep up the changing times and to fulfil our customers’ needs. We – Sin Weng Fai assure that we will keep improving in order to enhance and put out new products and treats to bring more surprises to our customers.

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We bake products daily to ensure our amazing products and confectionery are at their perfect level of freshness, quality assured and complete satisfaction which ensure every bite is satisfied.